HARMONY: a live music and dance festival

Saturday, March 9, 2019


Trance Sound Dance Hall Meditation

Company: Postcompany

Choreography: Jonah Kagan, Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp

Music: Improvisation

Dancers: Jonah Kagan, Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp

Musician: Sam Horning

Act I


Company: Tiffany Lawson Dance

Choreography: Tiffany Lawson

Music: Grace and Joy(ce)

Composition: Scott Hargis

Dancers: Shayna Bjerke, Elise Ellen Ericksen, Bridget Grissom, Kate O’Hanlon, Maren McChesney*, Mary Waterman, Mandy Work-Wetzel

Musicians: TLD musicians

*Pre-Professional Artist

In honor of my grandmother, a gift for my father

Dance of the Trident

Choreography: Tribhuvan Maharaj

Music: Shiva Stotram

Composition: Tribhuvan Maharaj

Assistant Composers: Chethan Anant, Manpreet Bedi, Jai Sovani

Dancer: Cyenthia Vijayakumar

Style: North Indian Classical Dance - Kathak

Musicians: Chethan Anant, Manpreet Badi, Jai Sovani

Lord Shiva is one of the most powerful hindu diety. He is the god of love. A cosmic dancer. He is the bestower of eternal bliss, knowledge and immortality.

He wears the crescent moon with the river Ganga tumbling from his hair. The coiled serpent around his neck represents Kundalini, the spiritual energy within life. He holds a trident and sits on a tiger skin with ash smeared on his body. Shiva is portrayed as the supreme ascetic with a passive and composed disposition. Shiva alone exists in himself, he is timeless, space less, birth less and deathless.

This piece - The Dance of the Trident is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This piece is composed and choreographed by my Guruji Tribhuvan Maharaj. I am Cyenthia Vijayakumar and I am performing Kathak, one of the North Indian classical dance forms of India.

Kathak is derived from a Sanskrit word Katha which means storytelling. Kathakar are the one who tells a story. Wandering Kathakas from ancient India communicated stories from the great epics and ancient mythologies through dance, songs and music.

This storytelling dance form is characterized by swift twirls, rhythmic footwork, expressive movements and elegant stances.

I have with me some of the most talented musicians from Wisconsin and Illinois.

Jai Sovani on Vocals. Jai is a North Indian Classical vocalist who lives in Milwaukee, WI. Jai was initiated into music by Smt. Anuradha Garud whose guidance helped her secure the national scholarship by Govt. of India. The scholarship facilitated her to learn in Gurukul pattern under one of India’s best classical singer “Ganasaraswati Kishori Amonkar.” She has continued her path of learning under Smt. Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar. She teaches Classical, semi classical and bhajans in Milwaukee and Chicago. She has won many awards and accolades to her honor and she is also an Indian raga Fellow.

Manpreet Bedi on Tabla. Manpreet is a disciple of Padmashree awarded Taal Yogi Pandit Suresh Talwalker and Pandit Ramdas Palsule. Manpreet started learning at the age of six, his first performance was at the age of 10, where he was ranked third in an inter-state Tabla competition. Teachings and blessings of this gurus has encouraged him to accompany many ace artists.

He is the founder of Omkaar school of Music. He has released 2 CD’s with his New Age Jazz band called Sonic Exploration Society under the label virtual time records. He was featured as a guest Tabla Soloist in March 2012 to perform a concert “Swara Yantra” with Peoria Symphony Orchestra.

“Music has a universal language however there are many different ways to learn and express it,” is his belief.

Chethan Anant on Flute. A disciple of Pandit Ronu Majumdar, Chethan Anant has been learning the flute since the age of 11. He is blessed to have received vocal training over the years from different gurus, and currently studies the intricacies of the Hindustani Gwalior and Agra Gharana styles under Dr. Vikas Kashalkar. He received Visharad certification in 2014, and was fortunate to have won first place in the Swarganga Crescendo national Hindustani Music competition the same year. In the year 2016, he was selected as and IndianRaga fellow. He has performed as various prestigious platforms in the US.

The Bird and the Bear

Choreography: Mikayla Karis Smith

Music: Jazz Suite Number 2

Composition: Shostakovich

Dancers: Haley Kisch, Leanna McKenzie

Musicians: Alysa Craigie, Paige Craigie

The Breakup Club

Choreography: Kristalyn Gill

Music: Improvisation

Dancers: Annie Borden, Jessica McCarthy, Sophia Sednova, Whitney Wilhardt

Poetry: Kristalyn Gill

Musician: Juan Horie

a Solo for Bridget

Company: Tiffany Lawson Dance

Choreography: Tiffany Lawson

Music: Reach

Composition: Scott Hargis

Dancer: Bridget Grissom

Musicians: TLD musicians

Act II


Company: Tiffany Lawson Dance

Choreography: Stephanie Unger (Artist in Residence)

Music: Ladylike

Composition: Nick Davio

Dancers: Elise Ellen Ericksen, Bridget Grissom, Mary Waterman

Musician: Nick Davio

Devaki - the Forgotten Mother

Choreography: Nitya Narasimhan

Music: Chatushra Alaripu, Virutham and Padam

Composition: Kalaimamani Dr. Rukmini Ramani

Dancer: Nitya Narasimhan

Musicians: Sandeep Bharadwaj, Sarvesh Kirthivasan, Ajay Ravichandran

Krishna was born to Demon King Kamsa's sister Devaki and Vasudeva. It was prophesied that Devaki's eighth child will result in Kamsa's doom and death. Vasudeva and Devaki were put behind bars and their seven children were killed. When Krishna is born, Vasudeva secretly carries the infant Krishna away across the Yamuna and exchanges him.

Krishna grows up with Nanda and his wife Yasoda. The legends of Krishna's childhood and youth describe him as a cow herder, a mischievous boy whose pranks earn him the nickname butter thief, and a protector who steals the hearts of the people. His foster mother - Yashoda had the fortune of feeding him, bathing him, scolding him and watching him grow into the fine young man who ultimately killed Kamsa.

They say a person’s childhood shapes them into who they are. And mothers play a crucial role in nourishing who the child grows up to be. Krishna was destined for greatness even before he was born. But what about his birth mother Devaki? The forgotten mother who missed out his entire childhood, who had to part with her baby moments after his birth, to save him.

In this piece - Nitya explores Devaki’s reluctance to give up her Krishna. A devaki torn between Krishna’s destiny and the longing to be with her just born baby. A devaki who never got to watch him grow but whose sacrifice is the reason for his existence. She knows she must do it but does everything she can to evade and prolong the inevitable just to get a few moments more with her precious Krishna. This piece has been scripted by Nitya and was composed by Kalaimamani Dr Rukmini Ramani, daughter of legendary composer Padma Bhushan, Sangeetha Kalanidhi, Brahmasri Papanasam Sivan.


Company: Tiffany Lawson Dance

Choreography: Shayna Bjerke

Music: Flypaper

Composition: Brianna Bjerke

Dancers: Bridget Grissom, Maren McChesney*, Mary Waterman

Musicians: Oliver Muñoz, TLD musicians

*Pre-Professional Artist


Company: Lucid Banter Project

Choreography: Paula Ward

Music: The Four Seasons - Winter in F minor, 1. Allegro non molto

Composition: Antonio Vivaldi

Dancers: Ashley Aguilar, Mags Bouffard, Kendra DeFazio, Anna Gould, Katie Johnson, Kate O’Hanlon, Rachel Pshock, Stephanie Rankin

Musicians: Andrew Lawrence


Company: Tiffany Lawson Dance

Choreography: Molly Jo Mathe

Music: Here

Composition: Alex Schildgen*

Dancers: Shayna Bjerke, Elise Ellen Ericksen, Bridget Grissom, Mandy Work-Wetzel

Musicians: TLD musicians

*Pre-Professional Artist

Earth Beats (Ritmo del Tierra)

Company: Desueño Dance

Choreography: Denita Inez

Music: Elegy

Arrangement: Octavia Reese

Dancers: Matthew Echevarria, Susanna Hostetter, Denita Inez, Liz Redican, Octavia Reese, Lauretta Schaefer, Danielle Thomas

Musician: Octavia Reese

TLD Musicians

Sixto Franco - Music Director, Viola, Violin

Hana Fujisaki - Keyboard

Nick Davio - Guitar, Percussion

Scott Hargis - Resident Composer, Trombone

Juan Horie - Cello

TLD Board and Artistic Staff

Tiffany Lawson - Founding Artistic Director

Shayna Bjerke - Managing Artistic Director

Kimberly Baker - Festival Director

Bridget Grissom - Rehearsal Director

Hillary Sandrock - Producing Director, Lighting Designer

Brent Sandrock - Technical Director, Lighting Designer

Nathan Cover - Stage Manager

Steve McChesney - Technical Crew