HARMONY, a live music and dance festival

A note from the Director

When I think of Harmony, I think of multiple vines intertwining and creating something beautiful together. I also think of something complementing the other in pursuit of making it greater. Our hope with HARMONY, a live music and dance festival, is to not only marry the dancer and musician's vision, but give a platform for dance artists and musicians to intertwine and create something beautiful together, to have a space to play, improvise, stumble, set, and embark on a journey together. Our hope is that we learn to complement the other with what we have to offer. 

Not only does Tiffany Lawson Dance have many talented dance and music artists collaborating in the company, but the Chicago community as a whole has such a plethora of incredible artists ready to try something new. This festival features Chicago artists as well as national artists traveling from Oregon, California, Wisconsin, and Ohio. This diverse festival will bring several different dance styles and musical elements. We hope you enjoy every minute.

-Kimberly Baker, Festival Director

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