1. Tuition and class payments are non-refundable. Late fees may be assessed if failure to make payments on time. $35 fee on all returned checks and patron will not be able to pay by check again. Tuition for 6 week sessions are due on the first day of the session, Oct. 7, 2019 (Fall Session A). Youth Company payments are due in 2 installments, Oct. 14, 2019 and Jan. 30, 2020. Drop in payments will be accepted at the time of the drop in.

1a. All students in families or in parent/student classes must pay the class fee. Discounts can be given to families with multiple students.

2. All students must wear proper class attire as instructed. Class attire can be found in the class description. NO STREET SHOES in the dance room. Socks are OK for parents and students in music class. Tennis shoes are OK for adult fitness classes. 

3. Students will be assigned to the proper class by the instructor and school directors. Classes with fewer than 3 students may be re assigned.

4. There is a no tolerance policy on bullying or discrimination. Students who demonstrate these behaviors will be asked to leave Lawson Dance Theatre and will not be welcome back. 

5. If a student is more than 15 minutes late they may be asked to sit and watch. This decision will be the instructor’s choice for safety of all persons in the class. If it is known the student will be late call the studio. If the student will be absent call the studio. 

5b. Students of the Youth Company are allowed 2 excused absences per semester (Oct-Jan and Feb-April). Students missing past the allowed absences may be re cast and may be asked to step down from the company.

6. In the case of a personal emergency please inform your instructor or directors immediately. There is a first aide kit and ice. If necessary 911 will be called.

7. In the case of a major emergency injectors and directors will follow the directions of the authorities and professionals. Students shall follow the instructors, directors and authorities as well.

8. Parents of students must wait in the hallway during class.

9. DO NOT PARK BEHIND THE BUILDING. YOU WILL BE TOWED. There is street parking on Irving Park directly in front of the building. Free parking on some of the surrounding side streets. We highly recommend CTA, the Irving Park or Kimball bus, the Irving Blue Line or walking or biking if you live close by.

10. All students must have a liability waiver completed by parent or guardian before their first class.

10a. All Youth Company students must complete their contract with their parent.

11. Shayna Bjerke, Managing Director #630-818-5631 is your first contact. Tiffany Lawson, Founding Director #502-649-6311, is your second contact. Always state your name, your student’s name and phone number when you leave a message.